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Anchor Highland Stone

Anchor Highland Stone Natural Collection

The Anchor Highland StoneĀ® retaining wall features the original rear-lip locator for fast, accurate installation. The six-inch system allows for a wide range of design possibilities for your outdoor hardscape. Highland Stone Freestanding Wall complements the retaining wall, offering almost endless capabilities.


6in Retaining Wall - Small & Medium 6in Retaining Wall - Small & Medium

6 x 6 x 12
6 x 12 x 12
6in Retaining Wall - Large 6in Retaining Wall - Large

6 x 18 x 12
6in Freestanding Wall - Small & Medium 6in Freestanding Wall - Small & Medium

6 x 6/4 x 9
6 x 12/10 x 9
6in Freestanding Wall - Large 6in Freestanding Wall - Large

6 x 18/16 x 9
Column / Corner Column / Corner

6 x 18 x 9
Extra Large Cap Extra Large Cap

3 x 18/12 x 13

All measurements are approximate.
Contact your local Belgard dealer for details.


Brittany Blend
Brittany Blend
Sable Blend
Sable Blend


No pattern information is available for this product.

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